Buying Less Gasoline — Ukraine War — the Power of Humanity.

David Houle
2 min readMar 16, 2022

What is the one action that each and every one of us can do to support the brave and suffering people of Ukraine and at the same time stick it to the evil dictator Putin?

Commit to buying 10% less gasoline and or cutting you carbon consumption.

Russia supports itself and its’ shrinking economy with the sale of natural gas and oil to the world. If the Allies or West want to defeat Putin, we simply lessen demand for the one thing he needs to sell to keep the war effort alive: petroleum.

The U.S. imports about 8% of our oil from Russia, the countries of NATO much more. The U.S. is no longer importing Russian oil. The EU is much more dependent upon Russia and has to move a bit more deliberately. However, if this could become a mass movement when tens of millions of Europeans commit to drive 10% less this year than last and the same again next year. Then even if countries continue to purchase, the people will have spoken, and the level of speculation and price-gouging will go down. Most importantly stress on the Russian economy will increase.


Because I made a commitment in collaboration with tens of millions of other global citizens. The two joys of taking a personal stance and of being part of a scaled-up massive non-violent force.

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”

-Marshall McLuhan

We are the crew.

We can act as crew.

We can move into crew consciousness.

We are responsible and present a growing WE to the old Us/Them consciousness.

So, if you want to start to crew Spaceship Earth, if you want to stand up as a non-consuming consumer to lessen demand, here is a place that is a good one to start that effort:

Humanity still exists in a world largely defined by the carbon combustion complex, of which Russia is a 10% player. Isn’t it interesting that we all can, right now, act in a planet-friendly way to face down an evil leader and support a country and its people?

We are the demand. We can control markets, pricing and affect geo-politics simply by not buying, in this case at least 10% less gas.

We are in the 2020s, the most disruptive decade in history. What we do now, which road we take into the future. How we stand up for the human collective good will determine not just this decade but the next 40 years as well.

What are you going to do?



David Houle

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