Earth Day? No it is the Earth Century!

David Houle
4 min readApr 22, 2022

NOTE: 12 years ago I wrote the column below. I did it because I was getting pitched about Earth Day ideas I should write about. As in people wanted to tout what they were going to do for Earth Day. I simply lost it. Don’t talk to me about Earth Day, Earth Month, Earth Year or even Earth Decade. I wrote, for the first time, that we should commit to the reality of the Earth Century.

I then developed this thinking to make Earth Century one of the Five Contexts of the Shift Age in “Entering the Shift Age”

So, if you care about the climate catastrophe make it a century long commitment. The next decade is critical, but Earth Day will be just another day in the Earth Century. In 2019, along with Climate Risk Assessment Guru Bob Leonard I co-authored “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy — Crew Manual” in which we set forth both the decade-long action plan to face the climate crisis and a century-long view as to why what we do NOW, in the 2020s will shape the next 80 years.

Earth Century

I have been writing this blog for more than five years. Particularly in the first three years, I wrote a number of columns on energy, peak oil, electric cars, alternative and renewable forms of energy and conservation. I wrote early and often about how humanity, and the United States in particular, would in the future need to completely alter its view of energy and the use of resources.

One consequence of those columns was that I was increasingly regarded as a “thought shaper” in the world of energy, the environment and all things “green.” This resulted in me being invited to attend and speak at conferences about the energy and green future of America. In addition, people and companies began sending me press releases about new and innovative products, new research and new conferences. This in and of itself was good, as it helped me stay current on innovation in the area of energy and sustainability.

Unfortunately, two other things occurred in relation to this ever-increasing in-bound flow of PR and news items. First, the awareness of my blog increased the amount of less-than-relevant information I received when the “greenmailing” of America exploded. Second, entities felt that they could earn points by making announcement on or around Earth Day.

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