When Will the Frogs Drop from the Sky?

David Houle
4 min readDec 14, 2021

This phrase popped into my head a week ago when I heard that the tallest volcano in Indonesia had a massive eruption. This on the heels of the volcano in the Canary Islands, the on-going eruption and lava flow in Hawaii. A search provided the fact that there have been 70 eruptions from 69 volcanos in 2021 of which 22 are new eruptions this year.

Volcanic eruptions, a plague, floods and fires of biblical proportions, huge tornados, massively destructive storms, cicadas last year and locusts this year.

So, when will frogs rain down from the sky?

A wry reaction to breathless mainstream media reporting of the latest catastrophe.

Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelations have all been mentioned somewhere since the start of the pandemic. Such concepts have existed in human history as beliefs or ideas that get mentioned whenever we entered a time of turbulence or perceived negative events.

COVID-19 in and of itself has caused all of us to feel threatened, fearful, disoriented, and open to radical changes and/or new habits. Then add on all the intense and heated political polarities and dynamics of Black Lives Matter, January 6 and all that has followed, and now massive resignations, business start-ups and significant — though temporary- inflation.

These are historically unprecedented times. As readers of this column know, I believe that the decade of the 2020s is the single most disruptive decade in history. There will be more change in these 10 years than in any 30–40 year period in history. It has become the focus of the books that I write .

We have COVID-19 with us and will for the rest of the decade. Resistance to vaccines in the developed countries and the absence of vaccines in the developing countries guarantee that the virus will be with us somewhere and in some form going forward.

I just hosted a symposium of The Sarasota Institute — A 21st Century Think
Tank called “The Future of Vaccines and Public Health in the 2020s”, simply the most informative session I have experienced about COVID-19, The Delta and Omicron variants and the genetic paths of corona viruses. Given the current state of the vaccine resistance and the woefully inadequate distribution of vaccines in…

David Houle

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